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Some Distraction or Other

A month earlier, World War II had begun with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Oxford students were shaken by news of the war and confused about how, or even if, they should pursue their studies. On October 22, … Continue reading

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Literature-Rich Doesn't Mean, "Stay Inside"

It's no secret that Sonlight offers literature-rich curriculum. But does this mean that a child who use Sonlight spends all their time with their nose in a book? Hardly. I'm always fascinated by the variety of photographs featured in the … Continue reading

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Four Benefits of Literature-Rich Learning

It's no secret that Sonlight offers literature-rich homeschool curriculum. There are many benefits to this approach, but I'll mention four here. First, reading quality books helps us learn to receive literature, not simply use it. C.S. Lewis used these terms … Continue reading

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Why Believe Christianity?

In an encounter in Acts, the Apostle Paul is accused of being out of his mind. Paul replies, "I am not insane ... What I am saying is true and reasonable" (Acts 26:25, NIV). As a former atheist, I had … Continue reading

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Sonlight as College Prep?

C.S. Lewis once quipped, "Books on a shelf are only potential literature" (An Experiment in Criticism). In other words, unless they are actually read, books really don't do much to stimulate the intellect or the emotions. Sonlight's literature-rich focus means … Continue reading

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Storytelling Virtues

How do we teach our children virtues? One of the best ways to communicate and help develop moral character in our children is through the power of storytelling. As Luke shared yesterday, learning through lectures isn't always the most engaging … Continue reading

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