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11 Books for Your Homeschool Nature Center

Set aside a shelf for kids to showcase their treasures from nature walks. Add these books for easy reference, and their appreciation for God's creation will abound! Browsing these books can inspire field trips to nature preserves, zoos, and the … Continue reading

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Literature-Rich Doesn't Mean, "Stay Inside"

It's no secret that Sonlight offers literature-rich curriculum. But does this mean that a child who use Sonlight spends all their time with their nose in a book? Hardly. I'm always fascinated by the variety of photographs featured in the … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung!

My favorite season of the year has finally reached upstate New York. And with it comes the perfect opportunity to teach my favorite subject ... science! As the school year winds down for many, and plans for vacations are in … Continue reading

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Sonlight Meets Charlotte Mason

"Charlotte who?" I asked my wife. Having grown up with a public school education, I wasn't too knowledgeable or enthusiastic about homeschooling or the types of approaches available. Several years later, I'm glad to say that I'm not only a … Continue reading

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A Learning Home

No, homes don't learn, but creating what I call a "learning home" can help you and your children appreciate and make the most of your homeschooling journey. A learning home cultivates an environment that encourages and stimulates education, intellectual curiosity, … Continue reading

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