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The Ultimate Guide to Sonlight's Markable Map

Sonlight’s complete curriculum packages come with everything you need to teach your child. But when budgets are tight, it’s easy to wonder if all those items are truly necessary or how they will be incorporated. You may be tempted to … Continue reading

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The Simple Power of Mapping with Literature-Based Geography

The autumn I first began Sonlighting, I eagerly read through my Instructor’s Guide, excited to see how literature-based geography would work. But when I reached the section on geography, I read through the instructions again, sure I’d missed something. “Look … Continue reading

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Around the World with Sonlight

Even though I've lived in Colorado since the 1990s, I'm still amused whenever I pass this sign on Interstate 25: Yes, apparently Greenland is in Colorado. But if you need services there you're out of luck. Greenland, Colorado covers 1.3 square … Continue reading

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A Learning Home

No, homes don't learn, but creating what I call a "learning home" can help you and your children appreciate and make the most of your homeschooling journey. A learning home cultivates an environment that encourages and stimulates education, intellectual curiosity, … Continue reading

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