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The Ultimate Guide to Sonlight's Markable Map

"We love this map! It’s a great hands-on tool for Kage (6) to use. This visual aid furthers his understanding of the size of each continent, the locations of the oceans, and much more. He is a visual learner like … Continue reading

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The Simple Power of Mapping with Literature-Based Geography

The autumn I first began Sonlighting, I eagerly read through my Instructor’s Guide, excited to see how literature-based geography would work. But when I reached the section on geography, I read through the instructions again, sure I’d missed something. “Look … Continue reading

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Around the World with Sonlight

Even though I've lived in Colorado since the 1990s, I'm still amused whenever I pass this sign on Interstate 25: Yes, apparently Greenland is in Colorado. But if you need services there you're out of luck. Greenland, Colorado covers 1.3 square … Continue reading

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A Learning Home

No, homes don't learn, but creating what I call a "learning home" can help you and your children appreciate and make the most of your homeschooling journey. A learning home cultivates an environment that encourages and stimulates education, intellectual curiosity, … Continue reading

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