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How NOT to Teach the Difference Between Fact and Opinion

How do you teach your children the difference between fact and opinion? It seems most schools do so in a disturbing way. It looks innocent enough, but the results are a bit scary. Read this description from the Common Core: … Continue reading

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Homeschool Lesson Plans That Work

I imagine them sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. He's reading over the latest on the Common Core and making comments. She, as us bloggers are prone to do, is typing away. You can read all of … Continue reading

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Why Kids Won't Learn from History Tomorrow

...because the Common Core only teaches "Social Studies." As Catherine Johnson says in her post, "there's not a single learning objective in the entire 13-year framework." In other words, it looks like the educational changes wrought by the Common Core … Continue reading

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Why do you homeschool?

Read that with any emphasis you like ... Why do you homeschool? Why do you homeschool? Why do you homeschool?! It all boils down to the same thought process ... what's the motivation behind your decision to homeschool? There's a … Continue reading

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