Why Kids Won't Learn from History Tomorrow

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...because the Common Core only teaches "Social Studies." As Catherine Johnson says in her post, "there's not a single learning objective in the entire 13-year framework." In other words, it looks like the educational changes wrought by the Common Core further remove History as a subject from school.

Social Studies Not History

Learning this makes me want to revisit my mom's Seven Reasons to Study History (rather than Social Studies) post. I am also reminded of how true my thoughts were when I first blogged about what Sonlight is doing because of the Common Core. We're not changing our literature-based, history-grounded homeschool curriculum because a few people in power think we should study something other than history.

Speaking of things edu-theorists have recently tried, the taxpayer-funded, computer-based, homeschool-alternative K12 is proving to be a massive disappointment. But they have used some of their $45 million to pay for lobbyists. So there's that.

It is still true: When you compare your legacy with that of what politicians are pushing on schools, you are doing great.

Keep up the good work.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

P.S. Speaking of learning from history, I found this post about the rise of Hitler and today's tensions in Iraq to be thought-provoking. There's also a lot more to read in my Other Posts of Note.

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