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The Ren Faire Exists and Other Musings on Reality

I've been to Renaissance Festivals in two different states. It's typically hot and expensive and exhausting and little changes year to year. But my wife and friends love going, so I don my bed sheet monk costume and sometimes try … Continue reading

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Debunking the Bunker Mentality

One complaint leveled against homeschoolers is that we shelter our children, afraid (or unwilling) to expose them to things of this world. The reality is that sheltering children can be a very good thing. But there are times when it … Continue reading

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Sonlight, God, and Politics

You've probably heard the advice to avoid discussing religion and politics, especially if you want to steer clear of confrontation. At Sonlight we take a different approach--seek to understand different viewpoints and engage them intelligently and winsomely. Our recently revised … Continue reading

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What's Your Teaching Philosophy?

Do you have a teaching philosophy? Do you need one? What about the resources you incorporate in homeschooling--do they have a teaching philosophy? A teaching philosophy is typically driven by worldview thinking. A worldview drives how we see and interpret … Continue reading

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One Hundred and one years...

This past week a friend of mine died at the age of one hundred and one years old. She was born in 1912; the same year the Titanic sank and New Mexico and Arizona became states.  Minnie, her husband and … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Sonlight and Sex and Swearing

I just read the blog post Appalled that I bought utter filth & gave it to my children. She has daughters who are more sensitive than my high school/middle school boys, but this is still disconcerting. I ditch several books … Continue reading

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The Unthinking Religious

I witnessed a goat sacrifice the first time I visited India. That was different. But, as a tourist, the terminated bleating just added to the foreign experience. We moved on as the priest dabbed blood on the young couple's foreheads. … Continue reading

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