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This past week a friend of mine died at the age of one hundred and one years old.

She was born in 1912; the same year the Titanic sank and New Mexico and Arizona became states.  Minnie, her husband and first child left Minnesota around 1935 to participate in a part of the New Deal  to colonize the Alaskan Territory. They were 20th century pioneers

They eventually moved back to Minnesota, had three more children, and together ran a successful turkey farm with Minnie also working as a registered nurse. They were pioneers when the pioneer days were over.  Minnie had strength of character, strength of body and strength of mind which were an inspiration to all. When I think about what she saw and experienced in her 101 years I am in awe of how well she used every day.

Person after person told of kind deeds she had done, meals she had provided, prayers she had said, mission trips she had taken, encouraging words she had said, books she had read, lively conversations they had had with her, her love for her family and for nature. The list of her service and sacrifice to others went on and on.  Everyone said the same thing, “She had a life well lived.”

Many in her family said that her goal was to live a life that would guide those who came behind to follow Christ. What a legacy to leave to those who knew her!

As I was thinking about Minnie, I realized I could say many of these same things about many homeschooling parents I meet. They are pioneers in an age when pioneering is over. They have strength of character, body and mind. They are well read, faithful men and women living life well, encouraging others and loving their family as they live each day. They are living their lives to guide those who come behind to follow Christ.

As I think of you moms and dad that read this, I pray that your family will be blessed by your acts of kindness, service and sacrifice. May you live your life in such a way that others will say, “They had a life well lived.”

Good-bye Minnie. Till we meet again,


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