God Creates People for a Purpose: What that means for Sonlight

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The "new atheism" of today spreads a poisonous message: humanity is an accident – the product of random events. Our lives have no meaning. We have no purpose here on earth.

That is a lie from Satan. I stand against that lie and long for all children to know that God creates people for a purpose. You and I are not here by accident. Your children – whether born from your womb or adopted into your family – were ordained by God to live at this time in history and to grow up in your home, under your love and care.

So let us not waste our days or our children's days here on earth.

May we heed God's call for all people to live as his beloved children as we love and serve Him. May we spread His Kingdom of love and truth to the ends of the earth.

May we also hear God's specific call for our lives. I don't know what that means for you. But I believe God has called me to help parents raise up kids equipped to do whatever God calls them do. I also believe God has called me to help support and encourage missions to the unreached peoples of the world – those without a viable Gospel witness in their midst.

What does this have to do with Sonlight? This central belief that God creates people for a purpose plays into everything we do here at Sonlight.

For one, it greatly influences the books I choose to include in your curriculum. I choose books that help kids learn and grow. Since God created our children for a purpose, I want our students to learn the things they need to know so they can move forward with that purpose. If God has called your child to become a missionary doctor, we better give him or her a rounded education in preparation to succeed in college and then medical school! Same goes for children called to be pastors, accountants, entrepreneurs, parents, police officers, artists … may God help us prepare them for their callings.

Sonlight students Eli and Anna T of Haiti help run a blood pressure screening

I choose books and assemble curriculum that helps kids mature. Sonlight books do not portray perfect children. We show children who face complex situations and sometimes make mistakes. I want to show students that as they walk through life, they will mess up and sometimes choose the wrong path. But they can always repent and choose to walk in a new direction. Boy, that's important to me. I want kids to know there's a new path they can take even when things go wrong.

I choose books for your curriculum where people impact their world. I think it's important to give our students an example and a vision for the future. I want them to grow up knowing that God might call them to do great things – and that those great things will be difficult – but that God is faithful to walk with them through the challenges. I want them to see that life is so much more fulfilling when we reject the idol of comfort and instead follow God's path for our lives.

I also encourage families to read the Bible every day. Sonlight kids will go through the Scriptures multiple times in their pre-K through 12 journeys. I want them to know the whole scope and scheme of the Bible. I want them to know the characters and see the overarching story of God's faithfulness to redeem his people. Our students memorize Scripture every week. They discuss Biblical truths in the context of the other books they read. I long for them to take the truth of Scripture, understand that truth, and hide it in their heart so it naturally arises when they face tough situations.

Above all, I want Sonlight students to come to know the amazing, living God and choose to serve Him. May God spur us all on to live out our purpose!


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