God Has Equipped You to Teach Your Children

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God Has Equipped You to Teach Your Children

I expect that you are an intelligent, loving person. You and your spouse probably care about your children more than anyone else possibly could. You want what's best for them. And you work hard to raise them well.

With that formula in place, I believe you are situated to be your child's best teacher.

Some people seem to think that professional teachers acquired magic abilities during their teacher training. They say that if we just send our children to school they will come out civil and educated.

There are many great teachers out there, and yes, they have been trained. Many do a wonderful job and even pursue ongoing training. But even so, I believe that parents are uniquely created to deal with their own children.

You Know Your Children

You know your children better than anyone else does. You know when they're just being lazy, and when they're struggling. You can see when a concept has clicked. You may not know everything, but you do have incredible insight into what's happening in your children.

You Have an Intense Interest in Your Children

And, you desire for you kids to succeed far more than any gifted, wonderful teacher could. I have never met a homeschool mom who said "You know, my high schooler can't read. It didn't come easily, so we just gave up." (Of course, some children with special needs may never learn to read, but I bet their moms still help them succeed in every other way they can!)

I know moms will beat the bushes until they find what their kids need to thrive. Even the best teacher–limited by class size and resources–can't compete with that drive.

God Trusts You to Raise and Teach Your Children

So if you have doubts regarding your abilities, know this: God intentionally gave you the children in your home. He placed them with you and trusts that you can and will raise them.

When you're overwhelmed, He will help you. He will equip you for this task to which He's called you.

I believe with all my heart–you can do it!!

Because you are so well suited to teach your children, I see Sonlight's job as simply providing you the tools you need to do that.

I know you are incredibly busy with daily life. So I want you to have every material and lesson plan you need each day. That frees you to focus on what you do best: loving, guiding and teaching your children. God bless you as you do.

Sonlight can make your homeschool experience doable.

Imagine going to bed each night without worrying about what you were going to teach in the morning. Imagine not having to create your own schedules or come up with questions to test your students' comprehension.

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