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How Christmas Addresses Our Hurts

Several years ago I shared some musings on how the Christmas story is one of turmoil and pain. I've been thinking about that more during morning prayer here at Sonlight. The prayer requests are typical of our fallen world -- … Continue reading

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When You Really Are All Alone

Her eyes are dry as she talks to me, her tears bored with their constant repetition. "I'm alone," she tells me. "I have no friends. My family is far away." She's also recently started school, the responsibility an unfamiliar weight. … Continue reading

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Some Distraction or Other

A month earlier, World War II had begun with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Oxford students were shaken by news of the war and confused about how, or even if, they should pursue their studies. On October 22, … Continue reading

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What Determines Success?

Gifts are hard for me. I can't think of anything I want. With so few cues or clues for my friends and family, it's not surprising I received two copies of Malcolm Gladwell's latest David and Goliath for Christmas. What … Continue reading

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Being a Mom is Hard Work and Worth it

I settle into my seat at the restaurant. Then I notice her. She's metaphorically juggling two little ones. Both regularly meltdown when they are not allowed to, say, spray the ketchup all over the table. I hear her say something … Continue reading

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Christmas has snuck up on me this year. My family is in the middle of an unexpected cross-country move, so our focus has been more on working out all the details involved in that, and not so much on the … Continue reading

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How a Global Perspective Helps Us See More Clearly

His parents don't go to church anymore. They used to. Today they excuse their lack of fellowship because "all American churches are filled with fake Christians." They won't be part of that. They're only interested in spending time with "true … Continue reading

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