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Five Ways to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

We don't like to talk about our bad days. It's not uplifting. We see all too clearly how desperately we need grace. Bad days poke at our insecurities. But bad days there are. Here are five ways to recover from … Continue reading

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Why Sonlight shows students that the world isn't perfect

Sonlight does not pretend the world is perfect. We always remain rooted in the hope of Christ, but we don't shy away from books and curriculum that deal with tough situations. Amidst our more light-hearted book choices, Sonlight's curriculum also … Continue reading

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Misery from the Belief in the Value of Education

The group of us stood motionless, trapped in the concrete boots of chastisement. We had been a tad rowdy and the poor mother running the homeschool co-op music lesson had finally had enough. So she threw us out of class. … Continue reading

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What's the Worst That Could Happen?

A few days ago I flew to Colorado to represent Sonlight at the Spring Curriculum Fair in Loveland. It was my first of six events for the season. I had been to the Loveland conference several other years, but this … Continue reading

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