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Back to School

It's back-to-school time for those of us following the traditional school-year calendar. When I was growing up I always looked forward to going back to school in the fall, and as a homeschool mom/teacher I still look forward to it. … Continue reading

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Simplify: make easier, more understandable

He squinted over his glasses at the screen. 'Why is that text repeated?' he asked himself. 'Can't we say that just once instead of three times?' Dave, our graphic designer, was hard at work cleaning up the Payment Plans page … Continue reading

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Why Parents Have It Better Than Professionals

She reminds me of my wife right out of college, only with glasses and darker hair. She's friendly and seems happy enough to chat. "But I may fall asleep," she warns me. "I'm exhausted." I am too. We're on a … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Why we revamped the 2012 IGs

It all began with Wayne. He took a long, hard look at Sonlight's Instructor's Guides and wondered if they had become a bit complex over the years. Were they truly the straightforward, easy-to-use homeschool guides we intended them to be? … Continue reading

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Directions to Follow... or Not

“Turn right,” the disembodied female voice intones. “Then, take the highway.” So we turn right and take the highway. No, we aren’t the Jetson family but we have come to rely on the GPS receiver mounted on the dashboard, especially when we … Continue reading

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Free Homeschool Samples

Blizzard has improved their free trial of World of Warcraft. You can play as long as you want up to level 20 for free, no credit card required. Impressed, I quickly got to thinking about how Sonlight could do something … Continue reading

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