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Blizzard has improved their free trial of World of Warcraft. You can play as long as you want up to level 20 for free, no credit card required.

Impressed, I quickly got to thinking about how Sonlight could do something similar. After all, when Blizzard was offering only a 14-day trial, you could get the first three weeks of Sonlight's Instructor's Guides for free (a full week more than Blizzard). Now that they let you play for free, could I do the same?

Yes and no.

I can't physically push books over the network, which is a bummer. But then I realized that such an analogy is flawed.

Blizzard's content is the game files, just like Sonlight's content is in the Instructor's Guides. Blizzard's services involve connecting those files to their servers and keeping you up and running in their virtual world. Sonlight's services involve connecting those Guides to your books--which you can get from us at a fantastic price with an unmatched guarantee--and helping you keep up and running on your homeschool journey. Blizzard can't give you a computer or provide you with internet for the trial and they removed some key elements of game play until you pay to play. I can't give you books until you buy them.

However, Sonlight allows you to play with the first three weeks of your school year's instructional material for free for as long as you want, no credit card required.

Get your 3-week Sonlight sample, and take as long as you like looking it over to decide if you want to enjoy Sonlight for your school year. If you have any questions about a specific Sonlight program, please chat with a Sonlight Advisor or swing by the new Sonlight Forums.

What free trials/samples have you found impressive recently?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Riëtte Gasser

    Hehe. Been playing Warcraft for over 2,5 years now and I see what you mean!! I have found that it helps greatly if you can sit with someone who is using Sonlight. Look at the Guide, see the books and understand how great it works. That's how I got started with Sonlight and this is how I showed my friend how it works (they started P3/4).
    Absolutely fantastic,

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea! Way to go Sonlight!

    Favorite recent Freebie: Kids ate free at IKEA! We had 5 meals + drinks for $6.70! The food was delicious too!

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  4. I've been playing Age of Empires online, which is also free, but with some very severe limitations unless and until you buy a "premium civilization." Still, I've managed to satisfy myself with the free portion. It helps me limit my daily time on the game.

  5. Amy

    Was wondering how World of Warcraft was tied to Sonlight? Is there anything good to be learned from that game? Where is Christ in it? Why would you even compare yourself to them?

  6. Amy, I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in my post. My point in mentioning WoW at all was that Blizzard has improved their "sample" which got me thinking about Sonlight's samples. I keep an eye on what Blizzard is doing because they took an obscure video game style that had only a few thousand players and have made it "mainstream" with 11 million people using it. If there's something to be learned from them as to how to take something "niche"--like homeschooling--and get more people to try it out, I want to figure out what it is! <smile>

    As for the game itself, there's plenty to be learned from the game if you have an interest in playing. But, no, Christ is not built into the game (but many Christians do play and are showing His love in a real way to their friends in that virtual world). Blizzard is not a Christian company. If you have any qualms about fantasy worlds, stories involving magic and deities, games where you kill monsters, or anything like that... I'd recommend you stay away.

    Hope that helps! I'm sorry I didn't communicate all that better in my post. Thanks for asking!


  7. Riëtte, that's one reason we have Advisors and Sonlight Curriculum Consultants. But I'd still love to figure out how to do this even better with videos or other resources (so people can do it when they have time). I'd love suggestions/ideas/input on how your friend walked you through Sonlight.

    Mrs. O, my wife has been pretty happy with the new Ikea here <smile>.

    Sumpteretc, that's nifty way to keep the reins in on play time. Good tip! <smile>