Do You Use the Sonlight Forums?

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The Sonlight Forums are an excellent place to get suggestions, advice and encouragement on your homeschooling journey. Better yet, we also recently updated the Forums with a sweet new look, a more stable system, and further enhancements to your homeschool forum experience.

My question--because I'm curious: Do you use Sonlight's Forums? Or, because you hang out here on the Blog or Facebook, do you rarely step into that digital realm?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. I looked through the forums when I first placed my order and then again when we received our box, but I haven't been back since. We finished our first week of home school yesterday though and I have some questions... so back to the forums I go!

  2. Turns out I forgot my username... had to use the online chat and Judy was very helpful. :)

  3. Susan

    I peruse the forums, but have learned not to post there.

  4. Kris

    I visit regularly but rarely post. I'm too thin-skinned for the consequences.

  5. Tracy

    I am on the forums a lot (but not quite as much since the change and school starting), and I read a lot of blogs, but for some reason I really don't like facebook.

  6. I don't use the forums. Haven't seen the use of them, really. Facebook is easier for me to use and I like the links to this blog. Thanks.

  7. I have browsed the forums some and have looked there when I had specific questions, but no, I'm not a regular forum user. I just don't have time for forums {and the drama that they can often create} in between homeschooling, homemaking and keeping up with my blog.

  8. Angela

    Yes and no...I used to use the forums regularly, but I didn't purchase a core this year and my subscription expired. I just do not have the extra $35ish dollars to spend on forum access this year. It has been a HUGE help to me in the past, but as a single Mom trying to homeschool I cannot justify spending the money right now due to my finances. However, I'm saving up to purchase Core 300 for the next school year and am really, really looking forward to having access to the forums again! I love the fact that if I am having an issue or need advice, I can ask a question on the forums and there are fellow homeschoolers with wisdom and experiences that I can turn to . Homeschooling high school (especially) can be lonely because there are few who have gone before me (especially in the rural area I live in), having camaraderie on the forums is a blessing! I do not find the forum experience being replicated on Facebook . I have many friends on Facebook, but some of them are anti-homeschooling. It is not a place that I feel comfortable asking the kinds of questions I could on SL forums.

  9. Lisa C.

    I used the forums regularly for a while, but found that the few really negative folks spoiled it. Most of the people are really kind and helpful, but there are some very prolific posters who rarely have anything positive to say. I go back when I have specific questions or am looking for information like additional resources for the Core I'm using, but I don't post often.

  10. Yes I use the Forums. A good way to keep in touch with what is going on in the USA. I frequent the Island for the internationally living and minded folks. I mostly avoid the negative or don't let it get to me. Well worth wading thought the negatives to get to the positives in my case. Fauche

  11. Karla

    I only go on the forum when I have a specific question or need. Otherwise it's too addictive for me and I could sit here all day and ignore my family. I really like the forum and think it's great to have the SL community available.

    I was kind of frustrated when I went on since the update. None of my info transferred over and I just don't have time to mess with setting it all up again. I tried to at least add my avatar pic back on, but I couldn't get it to work so I gave up. And when I have a specific question I have a hard time finding answers using the search option, but if I ask something that's been discussed recently people get testy.

    • suzy

      Amen, Karla! I can relate to you saying that it is too addictive and that you can ignore your family. I have done that! Not just at Sonlight forums but anywhere on the computer. I closed my Facebook page 9 mos. ago for that very reason.

  12. Kirsten

    I used to use the forums, and gained some valuable information there. But my subscription ran out, and I can't afford to buy a core or even spend $150 (I think that gets--or used to get--a year of forum access). And honestly, there's been a lot of drama over the last year there--and not just from people posting. I don't get personally involved in it, but wow, does it get tiresome. I'd still be popping in if they were free, but they aren' I don't.

  13. I go on there occasionally, but there doesn't seem to be an especially warm welcome for homeschooling dads. Bit of a hens' club, that.

  14. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Very interesting stuff. I'm glad the forums have been so helpful when you have specific questions. As for the other stuff... we continue to try to find ways to make the forums more helpful and friendly, but some of it--such as the extremely high female to male ratio--is just part of such a community <smile>.