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7 Virtues of Learning (and Teaching)

Virtue is moral excellence--something that is praiseworthy and positive about our behavior, character, and disposition. Learning and teaching both present opportunities for cultivating virtue. Here are seven virtues of learning and teaching: 1. Listening. At times we don't always listen … Continue reading

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Let's Be Old-Fashioned: Character Over Personality

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What about your kids? More and more books that discuss the modern bias against introverts are showing up on my radar. There was this one about introverted pastors. The sections I heard were … Continue reading

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Everyone Needs a Job…

Just about a year ago my husband and I got a Border Collie. Everyone who knew anything about this breed told me, “They have a lot of energy and they need a job.” They were right. Although I have had … Continue reading

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One Hundred and one years...

This past week a friend of mine died at the age of one hundred and one years old. She was born in 1912; the same year the Titanic sank and New Mexico and Arizona became states.  Minnie, her husband and … Continue reading

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Is Your Child Ready for Life?

My oldest son recently turned 18. He's also graduating from high school in a few months. After a long homeschooling journey, he's not only considered an adult, but will also receive his high school diploma. Do you have a child … Continue reading

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Lazy vs Greedy

I woke up thinking about a question I saw a while back: "Why is it easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are being lazy than that 400 Americans are being greedy?" I think the question was posed by someone of … Continue reading

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Why Children Cheat: Classrooms, Karma, and Consequences

Within the recesses of her hoody, she embodies the girl described in the opening of Britt Nicole's Headphones song. It's the next best thing to an invisibility cloak. And from these artificial shadows, she glares at the loathed "bubble test" … Continue reading

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