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Extension Ideas for "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?"

Have you ever finished a book and found that you weren’t quite ready for it to end? Maybe the book was so good that you just don’t want it to be over, or maybe the book sparked so many questions … Continue reading

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Your College Student Could Get More Back Than You Put In

I'm talking purely dollars and cents. If you have a student entering college this year, they could win a scholarship from Sonlight worth more than what it costs to buy complete programs from Sonlight for the last 15 years. That … Continue reading

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Sonlight on the inside

I pray that Sonlight as a company never settles for the status quo. For one, we strive to be an excellent place to work. We also aim to do business in an upright manner with all our vendors, contractors and … Continue reading

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Sonlight Packages are a Better Deal

You will often save money by purchasing a package from Sonlight. Getting only the books you need somewhere else isn't worth the hassle. We've written articles about this. But it's better when someone confirms it for you: Rebecca Moehrings assembled … Continue reading

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The Economics of a K12 Education

Sonlight offers K12 curriculum as well as Economics. I wish more people would study economics. It seems like we often miss the bigger picture. Take the popular K12 movement as an example. After reading about K12's lackluster performance, I dug … Continue reading

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Lazy vs Greedy

I woke up thinking about a question I saw a while back: "Why is it easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are being lazy than that 400 Americans are being greedy?" I think the question was posed by someone of … Continue reading

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Grateful for His Provision

Smoke snaked through the air from behind the dishwasher. A moment before an audible "pop" had reverberated through the house. It smelled like burnt plastic and boiling gutter water. Turns out the power cable to our dishwasher had arced, taking … Continue reading

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