Grateful for His Provision

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Smoke snaked through the air from behind the dishwasher. A moment before an audible "pop" had reverberated through the house. It smelled like burnt plastic and boiling gutter water. Turns out the power cable to our dishwasher had arced, taking out the new supply line and charring the wall. The firemen said we're safe.

But we need a new dishwasher.

The Damage

These frustrating expenses crop up far more often than I'd like. If it were up to me, I'd spend the money on something much more useful and enjoyable; but, no.

I grumble on the way to the hardware store. I grumble on the way back to remeasure the space. I grumble while we discuss which option to buy. I grumble as we head back again. I really don't like spending money. And the one Brittany likes is $80 more than the one I'd select! <grumble>

"We're out of the cheaper model," the sales guy tells us. "And there's no indication when we'll get a new shipment."


"But I see that you guys were looking at this other model. Would you like it for the same price as this one?"


They're delivering the new dishwasher tomorrow, for $80 less than the sticker price.

And once again, for all my grumbling, God provides. More than that, He blesses. Brittany says I need to be grateful for these blessings. And she's right. <grumble>

Throughout the Old Testament, God tells Israel to look back on His faithfulness when they are in situations that don't look so good. I'm sure I need to do the same today.

Do you have any stories of when God has blessed your family?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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