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Extension Ideas for "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?"

Have you ever finished a book and found that you weren’t quite ready for it to end? Maybe the book was so good that you just don’t want it to be over, or maybe the book sparked so many questions … Continue reading

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Lazy vs Greedy

I woke up thinking about a question I saw a while back: "Why is it easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are being lazy than that 400 Americans are being greedy?" I think the question was posed by someone of … Continue reading

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Economics, Taxes, and Giving

Yesterday I presented some ideas about education and employment. In the current climate, it's easy to see in those observations that capitalism can reveal selfish monsters. Indeed, one need not look far to uncover examples of greed and corruption in … Continue reading

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The Tyranny and Beauty of Size

There certainly are economies of scale. It can be very helpful to buy in bulk. But the bigger you get, the more complex and convoluted things can become. For example, after Sonlight got started, my mom and dad pretty much … Continue reading

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