Is Your Child Ready for Life?

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My oldest son recently turned 18. He's also graduating from high school in a few months. After a long homeschooling journey, he's not only considered an adult, but will also receive his high school diploma.

Do you have a child ready to graduate this year? In a few years? In several years? One of the concerns homeschooling parents have is, "Did we miss anything?" In other words, will our child be ready and equipped to face the world?

There's much to say on this topic, but I'd like to make three observations. First, the very fact that you are involved in homeschooling is an important indicator in relation to how much you are invested in helping your children succeed in life. You do your research, select your curriculum carefully, interact with other homeschooling parents, and continue to seek to offer the best learning tools and environment possible. This point alone will go along way toward helping your children in life.

Second, preparing your children to become well-rounded individuals is far more important than memorizing facts and regurgitating information. Homeschooling allows parents to not only serve as constant role models for children, but the content children are exposed to helps them learn what it means to live a virtuous, meaningful life, especially within the broader framework of God's Kingdom. Sonlight's emphasis on literature is key in this regard. Stories offer wonderful opportunities for teaching virtue without having to break out a boring philosophy book on ethics. Jesus knew this, which is one reason he loved to tell memorable stories.

Third, despite what some sectors of education would have you believe, there is no all-encompassing list of things every child in the world must know prior to graduating. Even if there are a few gaps in knowledge here and there, that's expected. No one knows everything. Besides, home educated children who love to learn are well prepared to continue learning throughout their lives, making it much easier for them to fill in any gaps as they grow.

Is your child ready for life? If you're invested in their education, are preparing them to become well-rounded individuals, and have helped them love to learn, then there is no doubt in my mind that your child is ready for life.

My youngest child is six, which means that my wife and I still have quite a homeschooling journey ahead of us. Will there be challenges along the way? Of course. Can we handle them as parents? We'll do our best.

How does homeschooling help you prepare your children for life?

Robert Velarde

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