Homeschool Webinar: What About Socialization?

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Homeschool veterans tackle the question: What about socialization?

Are homeschoolers socialized?

This webinar is filled with tips and suggestions--as well as excellent reminders--that homeschooling provides the best socialization opportunities and environment. Homeschooled students are active in their homes and their communities. Your children can make friends.

You will also discover the ways that traditional school environments create a non-optimal socialization experience. You'll see how homeschooling can be the best socialization preparation your student can get. Homeschooling is a great opportunity to make friends and gain real-world experience in society.

I'm working on getting more of these posted so you can benefit from all of Sonlight's webinars and workshops. But for now, I thought I'd start with a nice 50 minute homeschool webinar which deals with this oft-referenced objection.


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 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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