Just Call the Sonlight Advisors

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Just Call the Sonlight Advisors

One of the fantastic benefits of homeschooling with Sonlight is having year-long access to a team of Sonlight Advisors. These experienced homeschool moms have walked the road before you and can offer support, encouragement, and wisdom. 

Communicating with Sonlight Advisors Is the Best Way to Get your Questions Answered

If you’re new to Sonlight, the Advisors can help with:

When I decided to homeschool a few years ago, I really struggled to wrap my mind around how to teach my third and fifth grader together. In my mind they needed completely separate curriculums just like their private school experience for the past few years. I called a Sonlight Advisor, and she explained in detail how exactly I could combine both girls in one HBL. She was patient, thorough, and understanding, and I gained so much more confidence after our conversation.

Maybe you’re in the middle of your school year, and a homeschooling question comes up. Sonlight Advisors can also offer advice on:

  • Navigating difficult seasons of homeschooling
  • Adapting Sonlight materials to your specific children
  • Balancing homeschooling with other areas of your life

Whether you want to walk through your child’s long-term educational goals or just need a like-minded friend to pray with, the Sonlight Advisors are an invaluable resource.

Be Wary of Seeking Advice from the Wrong Places

There are several Facebook groups geared directly toward moms homeschooling with Sonlight that can be great for general discussion and fellowship. However, when it comes to choosing curriculum or other specific Sonlight-related questions, these Facebook groups aren’t the best place to find answers. 

For example, maybe instead of asking a Sonlight Advisor, I asked a Sonlight Facebook group which HBL I should choose when I decided to homeschool my third and fifth grader. Chances are that I would have received lots of different responses that may have confused me even more! While it can be helpful to hear what others are doing, their suggestions won’t always translate well to your own context.

However, when you talk with a Sonlight Advisor, she can help you narrow your options based on your own family, the learning styles of your kids, and your overall lifestyle. She will take the time to get to know you, and that will make all the difference in choosing the right curriculum for your family.

The reality is that strangers in Facebook groups may enjoy having a platform to share their own experiences more than really having the answers you’re looking for. They also aren’t always up to date on all of the latest changes at Sonlight, and most are still learning themselves since they’re in the middle of their homeschool journeys.

On the other hand, Sonlight Advisors have the advantage of being veteran homeschool moms who are trained to be thoroughly versed in the ever-evolving curriculum. They are also unbiased, and their primary goal is to simply help you come to a resolution.

Don’t Rely on your Own Research Alone

Homeschooling can be lonely at times, and it’s easy to stress over curriculum choices. I have personally spent way too much time reading message boards and social media posts trying to find answers to my questions. This is the exact reason that the Sonlight Advisors exist. In just minutes, they will answer your questions, help you feel connected with a larger Sonlight community, and encourage you as you forge ahead.

Best of all, it’s easy and convenient to get in touch with the Sonlight Advisors. You can choose your preferred avenue:

  • chat live (my favorite option)
  • call or text
  • email

Don’t homeschool alone. Contact the Advisors today, and let them cheer you on as you forge ahead on your homeschool journey.

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