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From Luke's Inbox: How Did You Make the Disembodied Hand?

How did you make the Disembodied Hand for MathTacular4? -Travis and Heather If you're not familiar with MathTacular4 and the Disembodied Hand, you can catch a brief glimpse of this fun "character" at the very end of the MathTacular4 trailer: … Continue reading

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17 minutes on Why Homeschooling Rocks!

Do you need some encouragement that homeschooling is a great choice? Would you like a reminder that your decision to home educate your kids is a good one? Even if you aren't feeling like maybe this homeschooling thing is too … Continue reading

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How Your Children Learn Best

Tremors are building in the online education world. I've noticed them for about a year now and haven't paid much attention. But it's becoming harder to ignore the complaints against Khan Academy. Personally, I've never watched one of his videos. … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: What's New Videos 2012

Many homeschoolers like to give glimpses into what curriculum they're using in the coming year. For media people--like me--it's similarly interesting to know what kind of equipment people are using to do their stuff. Almost two months ago I posted … Continue reading

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