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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is, of course, a time for giving thanks... and for counting our blessings. I love that we have a holiday set aside just for gratefulness. Closely tied in with that is the traditional feast that most of us Americans … Continue reading

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Milestones . . .

Four years ago today, our oldest daughter married the love of her life. In the next week (or so), their first child/our first grandchild will enter the world. If all goes well (praying that it might be so), our family … Continue reading

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Be Part of a Larger Community

Every few days or so someone will ask a question about Sonlight publicly on Facebook. Inevitably, I have to tell them that the only response they're likely to see is the one I provide. If they want more people to … Continue reading

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Celebrate Accomplishments

As a child, my summers were filled with activities: Swim team, mission trips, sleepovers, summer camp, camping, travel, hanging out with friends, and--later--work. I'm guessing the same is true for your kids. Returning to school in the Fall was sometimes … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: What's New Videos 2012

Many homeschoolers like to give glimpses into what curriculum they're using in the coming year. For media people--like me--it's similarly interesting to know what kind of equipment people are using to do their stuff. Almost two months ago I posted … Continue reading

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Great Learning Opportunity Today: Internet Blackout

You may have noticed it already if you frequent a few popular websites, but some of the web has gone dark today. Wikipedia, WordPress, Google are all participating, so it's pretty easy to get access to some information on this … Continue reading

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Forums, Friends, and Family

As I swung by Facebook earlier today to see what had happened there over the weekend, I was greeted with all the posts about the latest Forum updates. The more I thought about it, the more I appreciated the tremendous … Continue reading

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