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Meet Your Sonlight Advisors: Your Personal Cheering Team

Meet Marci, Margaret, Debbie, and Barbara—your Sonlight Advisors! They are on tap to help you choose and troubleshoot curriculum. Continue reading

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Homeschool 911–Who to Call When We Need Help

As with every other area of life, there will be times when we hit a wall in our homeschooling and find ourselves in need of a little resuscitation. I've been there many times: Overwhelmed with juggling responsibilities in multiple areas … Continue reading

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A Good Friend

What does a good friend look like? For me, it looks like time spent together. It looks like flexibility, calling an hour before I'd like to meet. It looks like conversations ranging from what's for dinner, to the study of … Continue reading

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How Experts Teach Stuff They Don't Know

How do you teach something you don't know? You learn it. Alternatively, you could get help. I followed a link from an article about how a quarter of all teachers have fewer than 5 years experience to the comments about … Continue reading

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Why Core Club Benefits?

If you've poked around Sonlight's website, you've probably read the Sonlighters Club Membership Details and Discounts. We got into a discussion about them again this morning, so I thought I'd share a few of the things that grabbed me. We … Continue reading

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Do you start your day already feeling behind?

The morning broke overcast and sluggish. The tasks that filled the schedule loomed large and imposing. And everything, everything, took longer than it should have. Except that one thing, which was a wonderful relief in the midst of a Monday. … Continue reading

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Meet Your Sonlight Curriculum Consultant

Tonight I have the opportunity to go to dinner with a group of Sonlight moms. They have used Sonlight and love it so much they represent Sonlight at homeschool conventions. If you've ever swung by a Sonlight booth, you've probably … Continue reading

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