Do you start your day already feeling behind?

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The morning broke overcast and sluggish. The tasks that filled the schedule loomed large and imposing. And everything, everything, took longer than it should have.

Except that one thing, which was a wonderful relief in the midst of a Monday.

I've been sitting on an hour of footage that I need to make into helpful little clips. But I haven't had time. There's always plenty to do here at Sonlight! And while I continue to juggle my tasks, I'm guessing you're doing the same. Life can get pretty busy for moms, or so I've been told. Not being one, I can't speak from experience...

But we've got some homeschool moms who have been there and done that. They can speak from experience! And I've had the privilege of capturing their insights and posting them to the internets. One of the most popular is Judy's excellent 24 minute How to Organize Your Homeschool workshop. Judy's practical advice will help you homeschool and get the laundry, shopping, and cooking done.

But there's more! There's lots more. Sonlight's Homeschool 101 section of the site is stuffed with information to help you get started and carry on in your homeschool journey. If there's a particular part of homeschooling that has you feeling down and out right now, get encouragement by taking advantage of some of our homeschool helps that address learning styles, teaching tips, and more.

How's the start of school been for you? I've seen many people laud their experience thus far, but I'm guessing that's not everyone.

Just a hunch.

In this case, I'd be thrilled to be wrong. And may you find rest in the mercies that are new every morning!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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