Homeschool 911–Who to Call When We Need Help

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Homeschool 911–Who to Call When We Need Homeschool Help

As with every other area of life, there will be times when we hit a wall in our homeschooling and find ourselves in need of a little resuscitation. I've been there many times:

  • Overwhelmed with juggling responsibilities in multiple areas of life
  • Frustrated with a child’s poor attitude, behavior, or work ethic
  • Unhappy with curriculum choices but unsure of what to use instead
  • Physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion
  • Not seeing any fruit from my efforts
  • Struggling with and advocating for a child with learning challenges

When those times come, and rest assured that they will, we need to reach out for help.

Sure, that can feel a little vulnerable, but we all need someone to hold our hand from time to time. So, who do we call on?

Homeschool Help from People Nearby

The people whose paths naturally cross ours or live in the same general area can give us personalized attention when we need help. Whether it’s a hug at church when we’re feeling discouraged, a conversation on social media with recommendations for local resources, or an invitation to come over and check out some curriculum we’ve been considering, the support of people who live close to us can be a huge boost to our homeschooling experience.

Homeschool Help from People Far Away

There are times when the best source of help is people we don’t see on a regular basis, if we even see them at all. The stranger in a homeschool group on Facebook who gives unbiased feedback on an issue may be exactly what we need. Or a family member who gently encourages us to figure things out for ourselves because they’re too far away to rescue us can get us back on track. The people whose daily lives aren’t tangled up in our own often have the ability to see our situation more objectively than we can. Their input is invaluable.

Homeschool Help from The Experts

Maybe what we need to hear is expert advice from someone with more knowledge than we have. Whether we check out a great book from the library, tune in to an encouraging podcast, call an Advisor, or attend a homeschool convention, outside advice from someone with experience and expertise can help use solve big homeschool problems.

Homeschool Help from Amateurs

People who are in the homeschool trenches with us will often be our greatest source of encouragement and admonition. They may not have all the answers, but they have real life, recent experience. The sense of camaraderie that comes from someone else walking the same path at the same time is often all it takes to help us push through whatever we’re facing. Your homeschool peers help you see that you are not alone.

Homeschool Help from People Similar to Us

We all need to have people in our life we can relate to, who understand the circumstances we find ourselves in, share the same values, or have similar personalities. They’re the ones who encourage us when our confidence is slipping, know just what to say or do to help us when everyone else’s good intentions are falling short, and make us feel a little less crazy. They remind us to keep our eyes on our goal and keep moving forward in our homeschool journey.

Homeschool Help from People Different From Us

Sometimes it beneficial to get the perspective of people we don’t have a lot in common with. It’s easy to get so caught up in our homeschool problems that we forget there are other equally valid ways of looking at things. If we’re teachable, a person who approaches life differently than we do can help us think outside the box and find solutions. Even those who are radically different than us in significant ways usually have some nugget of wisdom or practical tip we can apply to our situation.

Return the Favor

If you’re treading water in the pool of homeschooling, struggling to simply stay afloat, then call on some of the people described above to help you catch your breath. Do whatever it takes to find your rhythm again, and don’t worry about anything else.

If, however, you’re in a relatively comfortable season, having been buoyed by others at some point in the past, be one of the aforementioned people to someone else. Take the kindness you received and pay it forward.

  • Give a word of encouragement.
  • Offer practical help with homeschooling or household tasks.
  • Humbly share advice based on personal experience.
  • Praise what someone is doing well.

We each have seasons of crisis and stability. When our season is smooth, we can offer a hand out to those in need without any pride. When we’re in a rough season, we can call out for help without any shame.

If you are considering a new direction for your children’s education, and could use an empathetic ear, we have experienced homeschooling moms who would love to talk to you. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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