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On the Job Training

As homeschoolers, we have the opportunity to learn right along with our kids. That's a benefit to homeschooling. So it's a little odd to me when people suggest homeschooling falls apart when the student reaches a point in, say, math … Continue reading

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Forums, Friends, and Family

As I swung by Facebook earlier today to see what had happened there over the weekend, I was greeted with all the posts about the latest Forum updates. The more I thought about it, the more I appreciated the tremendous … Continue reading

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Learn More About Sonlight

Statistics indicate that only about 1 in 5 homeschoolers attend a homeschool convention. Realizing you could easily be one who won't make it to a convention, we created a virtual Sonlight booth. You can learn more about Sonlight without leaving … Continue reading

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Do You Use the Sonlight Forums?

The Sonlight Forums are an excellent place to get suggestions, advice and encouragement on your homeschooling journey. Better yet, we also recently updated the Forums with a sweet new look, a more stable system, and further enhancements to your homeschool … Continue reading

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Is Your Math Program Not "Working"?

I used Saxon Math for years. Then, the year I hit Algebra 1/2, my progress ground to a standstill. After failing to muscle my way through the textbook, it was time to try a new math program. I switched to … Continue reading

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General Conversation, Specific Questions

"Could you tell me how to make movies?" The question is sincere, yet maddeningly vague. 'Which part film making: The physics and chemistry of recording light, the technology required, the theories of staging, the pragmatics of script writing, the art … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Students with Learning Challenges

Does your student struggle with learning? On the flip side, is your student so advanced you're having trouble keeping up? Both ends of the spectrum present challenges to learning (and teaching). In the webinar below, join five homeschool moms who … Continue reading

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