Trying to Find the Best Curriculum for Your Family?

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The homeschool community is packed with a wide range of curricula. With Sonlight, you have many Core options, Math programs and various Electives to chooser from. Add to this your budget constraints, your students' individual needs as well as a limited amount of time in your day. Mix it all together, and you may have a question or two.

If you have questions about Sonlight before you're ready to try it out, we've got answers. If you'd like a little more insight into a particular Math course before you can make up your mind, we can help. Want someone to go over your selection of homeschool materials with you before you purchase? Looking for the best way to teach your students together with Sonlight? Wish there was an experienced homeschool mom who was around to help you figure all this stuff out? No problem.

Sonlight Homeschool Advisors are here for you. An Advisor can help you make sure you have the best curriculum selections for your family. And remember, you are covered by Sonlight's unmatched, one-year Love to Learn Guarantee.

You can also find excellent insights from the Sonlight Forum community by posting on the Choosing Sonlight Forum. Which, by the by, I want to give a shout out to the wonderful people of the Sonlight community who answer questions on the Forums and Facebook. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with your fellow homeschoolers.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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