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Thinking About Adding Electives? Save 10%

As you settle into your school year, perhaps you're feeling like you'd like a bit more to round out your day. Perhaps some fun art books would be just the thing... Now through October 31, you can add a small … Continue reading

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Switch to Sonlight by Jan 31 and get $100

I know you are already using Sonlight. You read this blog. You're obviously a huge Sonlight fan. You're awesome like that. And you love your homeschool experience. But maybe one of your friends hasn't used Sonlight yet. You keep telling … Continue reading

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Sonlight Packages are a Better Deal

You will often save money by purchasing a package from Sonlight. Getting only the books you need somewhere else isn't worth the hassle. We've written articles about this. But it's better when someone confirms it for you: Rebecca Moehrings assembled … Continue reading

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Why Core Club Benefits?

If you've poked around Sonlight's website, you've probably read the Sonlighters Club Membership Details and Discounts. We got into a discussion about them again this morning, so I thought I'd share a few of the things that grabbed me. We … Continue reading

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An investment worth making!

We are in our 3rd year of homeschooling. Currently we have a 6 year old boy and two girls ages 4 and 1. We had been looking a Sonlight for a few years, but the price was higher than the … Continue reading

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Last Minute Reminder: Save $30 on Core F

The price of Core F goes up $30 after today (July 31, 2012). So, order now if you haven't done so yet. That is all.  ~Luke Holzmann Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester P.S. Today has felt very much like a Monday … Continue reading

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$30 to Order Core F by August 1

Core F has undergone a transformation this year. It is still a transitional Core that introduces you and your children to the Eastern Hemisphere. But we improved the Instructor's Guide, reworked the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer (and integrated into the IG), … Continue reading

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