17 minutes on Why Homeschooling Rocks!

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Do you need some encouragement that homeschooling is a great choice? Would you like a reminder that your decision to home educate your kids is a good one? Even if you aren't feeling like maybe this homeschooling thing is too much work, you can still take some inspiration from the following video:

The future of education in light of the past.

I'm fairly certain that Seth Godin didn't have homeschooling in mind when he gave this presentation. But as I listened, homeschooling kept being the round peg the classroom he describes is missing. His talk, which covers quite a bit of ground and moves along nicely, felt to me like 17 minutes on why homeschooling is such a great educational option. I hope you find his talk as invigorating as I do!

A couple notes:

  1. I enjoy reminders that some school teachers don't like textbooks and tests any more than I do. It's nice to find that professionals wish they could be more like us! I don't know why I forget that so easily...
  2. I disagree with several of Mr. Godin's points. At the very least, I would modify a few of them. I'm not alone. There are a couple insightful video comments that hint at weaknesses in his paradigm.

Be encouraged! Homeschooling is a fantastic opportunity to inspire life-long learning in your children and enable them to do important things with their lives.

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 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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