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Is Math Confusing? Only If You're Doin' It Wrong

My wife has math phobia. Equations and numbers shut her down. But when she solves a problem -- such as how much fabric she'll need to make a skirt with so many folds or whatever -- she jumps up and … Continue reading

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How MathTacular4 Helped with College Algebra

The Story Our boomerang kid just started college again. He and I got home about the same time and he asked if I'd be willing to help him work through math this year. "I realized," he told me, "that I … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: How Did You Make the Disembodied Hand?

How did you make the Disembodied Hand for MathTacular4? -Travis and Heather If you're not familiar with MathTacular4 and the Disembodied Hand, you can catch a brief glimpse of this fun "character" at the very end of the MathTacular4 trailer: … Continue reading

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How to Help a Kid Who Hates Math

Ken, a Sonlight dad whose kids are now in graduate programs, shared this great article about success in math. If you hate math, learning how to fail at math can help you move forward. It relieves pressure and allows you … Continue reading

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Homeschooling In Public School

I arrived home later than usual. She was at the table doing her math homework. "What's a percent?" she asked. I couldn't tell if her gap was the mathematical concept or the English word, since she's from Germany. "How many … Continue reading

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MathTacular Reviews

Amber, the co-star of MathTacular, recently alerted me to the fact that only one person has left a review of MathTacular4 on the website. "I've been dying to know what people think of it for so long," she said. "After … Continue reading

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Let 'em eat ... pie!

For one of my students, learning fractions was as natural as breathing. For another, it took some doing, but the concept was finally grasped. However, for one of my students, the concept of fractions was so much Greek, or Hebrew, … Continue reading

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