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How to Succeed in School

Parent-Teacher conferences were last night. As a guardian of a high schooler, I got to listen to the teachers gush about how great my student is. The highlights: Her English has much improved (one teacher attributed this largely to the … Continue reading

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Your Child Struggle in School? Good

We want our kids to rock at life. We don't want to see them struggle. The idea of a student failing in school feels terrible. Yet as strange as it is for someone writing as part of an educational company, … Continue reading

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You Can Use Education to Solve Problems

Educators infer that all we need is an education to solve problems. If we -- or those currently afflicted by suffering due to ignorance -- could simply learn what we needed to know, we'd come out of our current situation. … Continue reading

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Your Sonlight Legacy Compared to Common Core

Ten months ago we discussed Sonlight's response to Common Core State Standards. Short version: We're ignoring CCSS for very good reasons. Now, almost a year later, we're still discovering how school districts have no idea how to apply Common Core … Continue reading

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What's it like to go from homeschool to public school?

As homeschoolers, we like to talk about how amazing it is to switch from a public school to homeschooling. But what's it like to transition from a home education to a "normal" one? How do homeschoolers do in a classroom … Continue reading

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I Care More About My Student Than the School District

My phone chirps. A stranger is calling me. The school calls frequently -- catch up on the story of our ward here, here, and here. Typically, the district wants me to know about a night where we can come learn … Continue reading

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Accomplishments Over Attendance

One of my friends used to work a security night shift. His job was to walk the perimeter on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, he sat in his chair and watched movies and played computer games and waited for … Continue reading

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