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Socialization Ill: Conformity Over Compassion

Over winter break, one of "my" college kids was feeling lonely. Her parents' house was empty; she was away from the constant thumping whir of dorm life; not currently in contact with others who keep a vampire's schedule, she turned … Continue reading

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Does Homeschooling Prepare You Academically?

In a word: Yes. Homeschooling prepares you academically. Absolutely. I had a chance recently to sit down and chat with my siblings about our experiences with homeschooling. Mortarboard My older sister attended a private Christian school -- at great expense … Continue reading

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Cliques and Posses

She's ten. She looks a bit like a pixie, small, impish, the slurred voice of an active child. She has ten students who are "loyal" to her. "Like the mob?" I ask. "Oh, no. Some kids use others to do … Continue reading

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School Need Not Be a Foreign Country

Over the last year, while my cousin was visiting us from Germany, I found myself asking the "how was school" question often. Aside from two parent-teacher conferences the rest of the year, she was my only real point of contact. … Continue reading

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My First Day of School Memories

I don't have any memories from my first day of school. No new pencils or decorative notebooks. I also don't have any "first day of school" pictures. If we had any kind of festivities at the start of a school … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to be Educated?

I recently wrote that education is more than simply taking classes and passing tests. This is frustratingly clear in things like driving tests. I took my student to try to earn her license yesterday. Unfortunately, the stress of the situation … Continue reading

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Learning While Ill

Do you remember going to school while feeling sick? Wasn't that miserable? Unfortunately, my student woke up coughing this morning. My wife reviewed the school's guidelines. Without a doctor's note, every student is required to show up. Gone are the … Continue reading

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