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6 Resources for When Your Child Is Behind in Math

You’re just settling into your school routine and you have a nagging feeling that your child’s math skills aren’t quite up to par. You’ve noticed that they are struggling through their math time and having a tough time recalling facts … Continue reading

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100 Things Worth Memorizing with Your Child

Young children tend to have great memories, and can often memorize things faster and easier than older children or adults.  This summer is a great time to work on memorizing key information with your child, as a way to keep … Continue reading

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More Than Just Good Enough

I fight boxes that seek to define. I try to stay outside "the mold." I actively work to not keep up with any Joneses. And I seek to encourage my children to be who they are, not who I think … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to be Educated?

I recently wrote that education is more than simply taking classes and passing tests. This is frustratingly clear in things like driving tests. I took my student to try to earn her license yesterday. Unfortunately, the stress of the situation … Continue reading

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Learning Skills All Summer Long

When did I learn the specific skills I use in my job every day? The "three Rs" came, predominately, from my homeschool studies. I did not pick up reading, writing, or arithmetic on my own (though, I've heard a few … Continue reading

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Does Preschool Help or Hinder Children?

My wife, an Education major, nods as President Obama says in his State of the Union address: In states that make it a priority to educate our youngest children ... students grow up more likely to read and do math … Continue reading

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