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Four Myths About Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool

How do we teach our kids to write well without killing their joy in the process? Beware these four myths about teaching writing that can frustrate our kids and keep them from loving to write. Myth #1: Good readers make good … Continue reading

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Finding the Inspiration that Drives Us

Homeschooling built on great stories ignites the imagination. There is no need to fruitlessly wait for inspiration, this is the spark you find. With these ideas burning in your chest, you tend to be more expressive, boundlessly creative, alight with … Continue reading

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Why Are People Creative?

We appreciate creativity when we encounter it in music, art, literature, film, and other areas of life. But why are people creative? The answer from a Christian perspective is rooted in what theologians call the imago Dei--the image of God. … Continue reading

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Learning Skills All Summer Long

When did I learn the specific skills I use in my job every day? The "three Rs" came, predominately, from my homeschool studies. I did not pick up reading, writing, or arithmetic on my own (though, I've heard a few … Continue reading

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Your Interest-Led Learning

I bought a Digital SLR camera a while ago to have one more resource in my film making bag. The minute I got I home, I sat down to learn how to use it and make it a more powerful … Continue reading

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Castles in the Clouds

In The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton wrote, "There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds." In its immediate context, Chesterton is writing about make-believe and mythology. Broadly speaking, though, the quote offers some wonderful insights into … Continue reading

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