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The Simplest Way to Prevent or Overcome Learning Loss

It's easy to worry about learning loss. You've worked so hard to teach a child his math facts ... and now you're afraid he'll forget them. I want to encourage you that no learning is ever wasted. When children make … Continue reading

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How to Find and Fill Academic Gaps

Watch the video above or read the transcript below to learn how finding academic gaps is a good thing in your homeschool! If after watching or reading, you still have questions about what your child needs, reach out to an … Continue reading

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The Urgency of Now

I knew the line "the urgency of now" from a Smashing Pumpkins song or two (they released a greatest hits album when I was entering college). But somehow I had missed the fact that the line comes from Martin Luther … Continue reading

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That Sinking Feeling and Flying Reindeer

My best friend, and excellent source for all things newsworthy, asked me, "Did you hear about all the people on Twitter who didn't know the Titanic was real?" I hadn't. If you can handle a rant about how people are … Continue reading

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Don't Mind the Gaps

Your child will never know everything. Now you know. Worse still, if your students are anything like me, they will likely forget much of what they learn. As the years tick by, more and more of their formal education will … Continue reading

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