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9 Reasons to Memorize Math Facts

Most of us carry cell phones that put calculators at our fingertips. Cash registers tell cashiers exactly how to give change. Do we even need to memorize math facts anymore? Do children still need to learn addition 1+1 to 10+10 … Continue reading

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Fun Tricks for Memorizing the Values of Math U See Blocks

Math U See is probably my favorite math program of all time, as it is easy to use, easy to learn from, easy to teach, and easy to grade. I love just sitting back and watching them quickly do their … Continue reading

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100 Things Worth Memorizing with Your Child

Young children tend to have great memories, and can often memorize things faster and easier than older children or adults.  This summer is a great time to work on memorizing key information with your child, as a way to keep … Continue reading

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