I Care More About My Student Than the School District

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My phone chirps. A stranger is calling me. The school calls frequently -- catch up on the story of our ward here, here, and here. Typically, the district wants me to know about a night where we can come learn about school violence or suicide or spring sports or the latest spat of vandalism. Today, it was someone asking about my legal formal request that our German student be exempt from taking the ACT.

I took the SAT in high school. I took it twice. My score helped me secure a nice academic scholarship. The SAT helped me.

"Why would my student, who has no interest in attending an American university, want to take the ACT?" I asked. "And why would you want her potentially low marks as part of your records? I see no benefit to anyone."

"All students, even foreign exchange students, are required to take the ACT," the woman told me. "We could lose our accreditation if student participation drops below 95%. I've been asked to call and see if I can change your mind."

"I know this is shocking, but I care more about my student than the school district. What benefit is there to my student taking the ACT?"

"She could get the full high school experience," the woman offered less-than-hopefully.


"So, that's still a 'no,' then?"

Uncle Sam or Students?

One of the things we've learned as homeschoolers is that we do things for the benefit of our students. We're not against helping improve the school districts and public education, but, when it comes to something involving our kids, we choose our students over politics.

I feel like everyone involved in education should do that.

"I'm a mother myself," the woman tells me. "I totally understand. I agree with you, and we fought against this legislation too. Have a great day."

It's nice to interact with people in the system who are doing what they can to try to fix it. But there are so many great reasons to homeschool, I hope more people choose their children over a political agenda.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

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