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Becoming Comfortable with Questions

He's one of those brilliant types. He works and takes college courses like "Philosophy of Law and Ethics" for fun. He's also one of those infuriating people who is good at every game he plays, whether a traditional board game … Continue reading

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Do You Declare or Converse?

He's drawn a crowd. Ten people have stopped their Friday evening activities to listen to what he's yelling into a portable PA system. One girl, I think she had blue hair, good-naturedly yells back, challenging his proclamations of fire and … Continue reading

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Debunking the Bunker Mentality

One complaint leveled against homeschoolers is that we shelter our children, afraid (or unwilling) to expose them to things of this world. The reality is that sheltering children can be a very good thing. But there are times when it … Continue reading

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Why Sonlight engages non-Christian ideas

I've noticed two overarching styles of preparing Christian students to engage with the world around them. One approach seems primarily inward-focused, seeking to keep children from non-Christian ideas and teaching them to defend their faith and know how to answer … Continue reading

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Are You in Control of Your Kids?

He's got a dusty-blond head of hair and the physique of a high school football player. He has a similar expression as well. But he doesn't play football. He boxes and hikes. Someone in the room mentions that Brittany and … Continue reading

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Listening to Speakers

This evening, and tomorrow, Sarita will be speaking at a homeschool convention in Ohio. I've had the opportunity to hear her encouraging messages before. Homeschooling--not to mention life--can be draining so it's nice to be reminded that the work we … Continue reading

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How Presuppositions Control What We Do at Sonlight

I got thinking the other day: When I say "I believe in Jesus," what I'm really saying is "I believe He is who He says He is. I choose to align myself with His goals. I am playing on His … Continue reading

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