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What Went Well This Year?

Heather Sanders has a good post on how praising your kids can backfire. It reminded me of the article about how we should praise a person's efforts rather than intelligence. If you haven't at least skimmed the article, please do … Continue reading

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Teaching children how to fail

Nine-year-old Betsy was set up to fail. Primped and pampered her whole life, she had never done a chore or fixed her own hair. When circumstances changed and Betsy went to live with cousins on a Vermont farm, her new … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: What's the Big Picture in Grading?

I am a computer technology teacher and want my students to learn movie/film making. I love your free film school because you make it sound fun which is a contrast to my serious approach. But I've never graded students on … Continue reading

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The Curse of Classroom Management

She is a kindred spirit. Her ideas mesh well with my own. She is passionate about education and teaching the children entrusted to her care. She's energetic. And she has decades of teaching experience. I think that's the problem. A … Continue reading

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Grades: the less-helpful metric

We went to Prom together over a decade ago. Yesterday we chatted in the church hallway while we waited for the kids in the Christmas play to finish rehearsal. I don't even know how the topic came up. "At our … Continue reading

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Failure is Okay on the Road to Mastery

I really liked the video in Suji's post Learn. Fail. Repeat. Paul Anderson played video games in '80s. And now, as a teacher, he's learning to apply what he learned from games to his classroom. I've written about gaming before … Continue reading

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The Horizon and Beyond...

As I read Judy’s post about another milestone in their family I couldn’t help thinking of an upcoming milestone in ours. In December, our youngest son will graduate from college and my husband and I are already patting ourselves on … Continue reading

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