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Large Groups of Children

His blonde hair is trimmed clean and close. His glasses give the impression of a passionate math student. He teaches chess as part of a before and after school program for struggling students. "There's no way I can give each … Continue reading

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Finding a Balance

As many families are starting the school year and starting to get into a routine, the questions for the Sonlight Advisor team change from "choosing" to "using." Many of them are quick and easy, such as "Where can I find … Continue reading

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Six Things to Try This Summer

She's "graduating" from middle school this year. She was in my Sunday School class not that many years ago. I must be getting older because she seems way too young to be in high school. But this school year is … Continue reading

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Our Apple Tradition...

This past Saturday dawned with mist rising from the Kentucky River over the Palisades. It was one of those memorable mornings when you just want to stand outside with a cup of coffee and watch the day begin. But, I … Continue reading

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Thank You Sonlight!

Our homeschool journey started by "accident" 10 years ago and we haven't looked back. Initially we started homeschooling because our son began reading early and we needed a good source of books. A family friend recommended Sonlight and we fell … Continue reading

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How to Inspire Kids to Learn on Their Own

Last week I wrote about interest-led learning and how having free time gives your children opportunities to discover joy in things that inspire them. Taryn asked me to expand on this with tips for helping children tap into personal interests. … Continue reading

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Your Interest-Led Learning

I bought a Digital SLR camera a while ago to have one more resource in my film making bag. The minute I got I home, I sat down to learn how to use it and make it a more powerful … Continue reading

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