Confessions of an extroverted homeschooler

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Hello, my name is Jonelle and I'm an extrovert trying to homeschool.

The girls I spend my day with.

The past month has been very telling for me. With the holidays arriving one after another, normal events have been cancelled and schedules flux from week to week. Things like Bible study and small group finish for their season and nothing fills in the gaps.

My mom has been out of pocket frequently over the past few months (she has been the person I can always count on for a visit...and she's within walking distance). Other friends have full schedules. And it is much too cold to meet at the park. So, it's me. Some days I feel like I am going crazy from lack of adult conversation.

So, what am I going to do?

First, I know I always crash about 3pm. I am trying to make sure I can be talking with a friend or going for a walk (weather permitting) or otherwise doing something that helps me, even if the girls are less excited about sitting in the stroller.

Second, I'm trying to get involved in a homeschool group. I have visited one. It was different from what I thought, but I will give it at least one more try and either commit, or try to find another one in my area. I recognize that only having one family we know who also intends to homeschool will make the years to come that much more difficult. I'm hoping to find more friends and also the resource for field trips.

Third, I am opting to try to have one thing scheduled (or, at least mentally noted, like, get together with a friend Tuesday's) every day just so I can get out and talk with others for even just a short while.

Three things don't seem like much, but, they are a start. If you are an extrovert, how do you handle the aloneness of homeschooling*?

Until next time,

*Is this just a small child thing? As my girls get older will I not feel so alone and longing for some conversation? Is it because the oldest is four?

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