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Confessions of an extroverted homeschooler

Hello, my name is Jonelle and I'm an extrovert trying to homeschool. The girls I spend my day with. The past month has been very telling for me. With the holidays arriving one after another, normal events have been cancelled … Continue reading

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Shake Things Up, Make a Goal

The air is a brisk 58 degrees as I step into the sunshine for my daily walk after lunch. My phone rings three times before my wife picks up. Immediately following our exchange of hellos, Brittany passes me off to … Continue reading

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New: Homeschool Programming

    An Autoblot™ Post The sprite passed through the wall of the castle. Perplexed, the boy looked back at his code. By pressing the up arrow, the 16-year-old was adding one to the y-axis of the coordinate plane. He had hoped … Continue reading

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School Question

Natalia went to a backyard Bible club hosted by a family in our church. She wanted to try out a group with older children and I figured, why not? She loves people and easily makes friends. Although she's not quite … Continue reading

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Celebrate Accomplishments

As a child, my summers were filled with activities: Swim team, mission trips, sleepovers, summer camp, camping, travel, hanging out with friends, and--later--work. I'm guessing the same is true for your kids. Returning to school in the Fall was sometimes … Continue reading

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Homeschool? Me? I don't know everything...

Homeschool? Me? I don't know everything... And some mornings I wonder if I know anything at all. I hear this question a lot: "How can I homeschool, I don't know everything? I am not a teacher." I want to ask … Continue reading

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How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend on School?

Way back in the day, my siblings and I were done with school by 10am or noon, at the latest. I guess, technically, we also had some school as bedtime stories... but the fantastic books didn't feel like school. In … Continue reading

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