Fun Inspiration: Optical Illusion

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My brother-in-law sent me a link to this optical illusion wherein you shake you head to see the image behind the black bars.

Intrigued, I decided to see if I could replicate the effect.

Optical Illusion
Shake Your Head


What's so great about interesting things is that they inspire us. We take an idea and run with it. Had someone told me I had to try this on my own, I wouldn't have been as excited. But just letting me run with my inspiration, I created something fun completely of my own volition.

The same can happen with learning.

Homeschooling gave me tons of time to try my hand at things. I dabbled with audio dramas, computer coding, videos, and the like. My siblings and I built with Legos, blankets and pillows, sticks and stones. We made hardtack and salt dough. We played with cornstarch and water. And we did that all without my mom nudging us to do so.

What's inspired your children lately? And were you able to replicate the optical illusion--assuming, of course, that it inspired you?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Gayle K

    Loved the illusion!

    My oldest was inspired today to learn why a bus looks like it will tip over but a car does not. We are going to do some tests with taller and shorter "cars" going around corners. His theory is the length of the car not the height. :)

  2. Warren Baldwin

    Great optical illusion, Luke!

    Inspiration ... I'm teaching a college course on American History this semester. An inspiration I've had (based on a graduate course in education I just took) is to have the students read more (something education is getting away from), not use as much technology, and be responsible for more class presentations. An attempt to make reading more of a central feature of a college course, something it is not for at least some of them.

    Question: can I use your picture here on my blog, with appropriate credit back to you?


  3. Nichole

    Love the optical illusion!

  4. Gayle, yes, center of mass and such. Very interesting topic!

    Absolutely, Warren. Link love is all I need for a little sharing <smile>. Feel free to use the image! Read more, check. Less technology, check. More class presentations... hmm... depends on what kind of presentation, in my opinion <smile>.

    Thanks, Nichole!