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How Learning History Teaches Grace

History is full of violence and horror, like when Cain killed his brother or Stephen was stoned to death. Plagues and floods, fires and starvation populate the unmarked graves of time. Yet in the midst of wars and droughts and … Continue reading

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Learning from Someone's Personal Story

A bunch of very interesting Other Posts of Note have cropped up recently. Brian's How to Get Eternal Life, Amber's So she hired a hit man?, and most recently Kara's thoughts on Heaven is for Real. This last post contains … Continue reading

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There is something really special about a well-written missionary biography. The story, amazing. The struggles, breathtaking. The triumph of the Lord, it just makes you want to lift your hands and shout, "Glory!" Here are a couple of missionaries that … Continue reading

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How a Few Photos Reminded Me of Missions

Honesty time. I have thoughts and feelings that don't honor Christ. I have attitudes and mindsets that hold me back from loving people. But I want the Holy Spirit to continue to transform me to be more like Christ. And … Continue reading

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How to Grow Spiritually

Scripture is amazing. There is so much to discover and uncover within the text. And I absolutely love reading the insights others have gleaned. Mark (aka pastor guy) has a great post about Jacob's spiritual growth that shed new light … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Inspire Your Kids to Change the World

Sonlight students are different. We are not content to merely join a "safe" sub-culture and sit on the proverbial bench. We want more. One Sonlight mom put it this way: The Sonlight graduates that I know all have the same … Continue reading

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Modern Skeptics, Missionary Stories, and Miracles

We're standing in my basement, he and I. He's a visual effects film major with an impressive portfolio of computer generated images. "If miracles were real, you'd think someone would have recorded one by now." His piercing eyes look at … Continue reading

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