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Website Update 2013

My goal for 2013 was to make it easier for you to select homeschool materials for your family. I wanted to reduce the interruptions to the selection process and save you time. Also, with more and more people using tablets, … Continue reading

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Major Updates to Core W

I'm quite excited about the product updates rolling out on April 1. If you're on our mailing list you should receive the new 2013 Sonlight catalog by then. April 1 is also the first day you can order the latest … Continue reading

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New Rate and Review

You're researching a product online. If you're anything like me, one of the first things you look for is customer ratings and reviews. There's always someone who marked it one star for a reason completely unrelated to the product itself. … Continue reading

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Where is the true 4-Day program?

I saw the following feedback on the Forums: I REALLY love our Core this year, but I was disappointing that you chose to schedule Bible, Readers, and some LA five days a week. We broaden our children's education outside the … Continue reading

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Simplify: make easier, more understandable

He squinted over his glasses at the screen. 'Why is that text repeated?' he asked himself. 'Can't we say that just once instead of three times?' Dave, our graphic designer, was hard at work cleaning up the Payment Plans page … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Why we revamped the 2012 IGs

It all began with Wayne. He took a long, hard look at Sonlight's Instructor's Guides and wondered if they had become a bit complex over the years. Were they truly the straightforward, easy-to-use homeschool guides we intended them to be? … Continue reading

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Sonlight's 2012 Catalog Available Now

If you haven't heard already, you can check out Sonlight's 2012 Catalog in digital format right now! Just remember: If you have an iThing that does not run Flash, you will want to download the .pdf version. Also, we've released … Continue reading

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