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"Dear Sarita, Why did you choose that book?"

I've received a lot of feedback in 28 years. I treasure the stacks of letters from Sonlight parents who love the books I choose. But occasionally, I get letters that criticize—or even express great disappointment—in the titles I so carefully … Continue reading

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Why we study scientists with mixed legacies

A thoughtful Sonlight mom recently voiced her surprise that we include a biography on Rachel Carson called Listening to Crickets in our Science D program. The mom pointed out that not everyone regards Carson's work as beneficial, since it has … Continue reading

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Where is the true 4-Day program?

I saw the following feedback on the Forums: I REALLY love our Core this year, but I was disappointing that you chose to schedule Bible, Readers, and some LA five days a week. We broaden our children's education outside the … Continue reading

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Time Payment Tutorial

"Could we include instructions on how to select a Time Payment option during checkout?" The idea had struck me years ago. It's not immediately obvious how to take advantage of Sonlight's Payment Plans. But I'd gotten busy and didn't do … Continue reading

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