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Failure is Okay on the Road to Mastery

I really liked the video in Suji's post Learn. Fail. Repeat. Paul Anderson played video games in '80s. And now, as a teacher, he's learning to apply what he learned from games to his classroom. I've written about gaming before … Continue reading

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Babies, Puppies and the End of the Book...

These past couples of weeks have been hectic at our house. My son and his wife added a sweet little daughter to their family. They have a just turned two year old daughter too and they sold their house and … Continue reading

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The Catalyst for Learning

Cherish, one of my bloggy friends, suggested I read her post on instructional technologies. The title hadn't grabbed my attention while zipping through my RSS feeds this morning, so I'm glad she encouraged me to check it out. I'm still … Continue reading

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Praising Practice

My dad has often reminded me that an essay is literally a "try" or attempt. Paul Graham's essay on Essays makes much the same point. Writing, then, should often be viewed more as an attempt at getting better, rather than … Continue reading

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Homeschool? Me? I don't know everything...

Homeschool? Me? I don't know everything... And some mornings I wonder if I know anything at all. I hear this question a lot: "How can I homeschool, I don't know everything? I am not a teacher." I want to ask … Continue reading

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Legitimacy and Feelings of Inadequacy

Ever get the feeling that you're not a real teacher? Don't worry: You are a real teacher. You've been teaching your children from day one. You can continue to teach them into formal schooling and beyond if you choose to … Continue reading

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Hands-on Ideas

Have you heard the joke about how many homeschool moms it takes to change a light bulb? The answer is: Just one. First, she checks three books on electricity out of the library, then the kids make models of light … Continue reading

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