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Are Your Children Excited About Missions?

The focus on missionaries is one of the things I love about Sonlight. In the Core programs, we get to meet normal men and women from history whom God used to do extraordinary things. We have the opportunity to partner … Continue reading

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I had planned to write about how I am tired of hate. And I am. I am so overwhelmed by the hate that is pounded all the time. Between Christians, between sexes, between countries, between people. I know there are … Continue reading

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One Hundred and one years...

This past week a friend of mine died at the age of one hundred and one years old. She was born in 1912; the same year the Titanic sank and New Mexico and Arizona became states.  Minnie, her husband and … Continue reading

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My visit to Sonlight...

  I am not  employed by Sonlight and in fact I live in Kentucky, not near Littleton, Colorado at all. But, for the past 15 years I have been a Sonlight Curriculum Consultant [SCC]. I am a self-employed private contractor and in … Continue reading

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The Meetto Project Needs Your Prayers

I felt devastated. A missions project that John and I had funded for about five years was recently pulled due to lack of progress. I tremble to realize that one day I will stand before God and confess that although … Continue reading

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Peace That Doesn't Even Make Sense

Everything is going wrong. Murphy is right, as usual. I'm trying to prepare for a trip but nothing lines up. Paperwork, travel dates, accommodations, equipment... all of it conflicts. Worse, I don't like travel or paperwork. I'd rather stay home. … Continue reading

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God uses regular people to change the world

Each Global Prayer Digest begins with a missionary biography. This month we read about William Carey, a self-taught shoemaker who launched the modern missions movement and translated the Bible into multiple languages (among other things). If this brief overview of … Continue reading

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