Are Your Children Excited About Missions?

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The focus on missionaries is one of the things I love about Sonlight. In the Core programs, we get to meet normal men and women from history whom God used to do extraordinary things. We have the opportunity to partner together in giving projects to raise money to bring the Gospel to people who have never heard of Christ.* And Sonlight continues to be able to help missionaries educate their children.

Growing up learning in such an environment made me passionate about sharing Christ with my friends.

I certainly didn't always do it right. Still don't. But by God's grace, He continues to allow me to share the love of Christ with others. And that is so exciting! Because I have "seen"--through biographies--how missionaries reach out in love to their friends, I am thrilled that my house was packed full of people last night. We ate, talked, laughed, and watched fireworks. We shared life. And that is such a huge part of communicating the good news of Jesus. And after everyone left--just before midnight--I got to stand in the dark living room and pray for my friends.

Flag Cake courtesy of one of our guests

Have your children been inspired by the missionary stories you've read together? Do you pray for unreached peoples and the friends and family members who aren't connected with Christ? Have you had the joyous opportunity to give money to see the Gospel brought to others? Do your kids share the love of Jesus in other ways? If so, that is awesome! We've had to replace one of the books in Sonlight's curriculum because the people groups in that book have all had the opportunity to get to know Jesus.

Your family is making a difference in the world.

Keep up the good work. And if you have an encouraging story of how your children are involved in missions, please share!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*This year's giving opportunity should be coming in the next couple months. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sharon

    Reaching peers as messengers of truth through music is the mission field God has placed us in. Our three kids and a friend formed a worship band 4 years ago that began with the purpose of leading worship at an "All Kids Horse Campout". They debuted on the 7th Day of the week and named their band that morning, 7th Day. The youngest was 7 , the oldest 11 years old - there was an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, one voice, a tambourine and a shaker.

    God has since used 7th Day to share His truth at Christmas through singing Christmas carols at Rest Homes, at Easter through bringing the Easter service to Rest Homes, through returning to the "All Kids Horse Campout" and an adult Horse Campout in the Spring every year. He has also used them through writing and performing their own worship songs alongside popular worship songs. God has used the sharing of His truth through their music to stir hearts in peers and adults alike. This past week they planted seeds of hope among a group of Foster Care kids who were in the area for a Royal Kids Family Camp.

    Today the ages of 7th Day are: 11, 13, 14, and 15 years - the instrument list has grown to include: Keyboard, Cajon, bass, flute, another electric guitar, a 12-string guitar and 3 voices. 7th Day continues to grow their God-given gifts and see God bigger every time they are given the chance to inspire through sharing their music.